Today’s used book haul

I wanted to provide proof that homeschooling does not have to cost a fortune by sharing the results of our weekly book hunts.  Each weekend, we make the rounds to Goodwill and three charity resale shops, which sell books for about $.15-$3.00 each.  

Today, for less than the cost of 1 new book, we purchased 10 used books to add to our history, civics, and science collections.  We spent a grand total of $7.50:

  • Chief Joseph $.59
  • Indian Life in Texas $1.99
  • Heroes of America: Daniel Boone $.79
  • Geography for Christian Schools Map Exercises $1
  • A History of the American Revolution (500+ pages) $.49
  • Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers $.49
  • Everyday Life: The Civil War with cross-curricular activities and pull-out poster map $.49
  • Government by the People textbook with practice test book $1
  • Advanced Skywatching hardback book $.49

A few trips like this will quickly fill up a bookshelf for not a lot of money and keep your student busy for a while!


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