How to start a homeschool group

Many homeschool groups and activities got started because someone saw the need and decided to be proactive.  As a homeschooling parent, you may have to be that someone.

Maybe there isn’t a homeschool group in your area, or maybe the local homeschool group doesn’t meet your needs.  You may need to be a pioneer and start your own–this is what I did when our homeschooling jourey began.

During my son’s pre-school years, we were members of the MOMS Club.  Each Friday we would get together for playgroups, field trips, park days, or lunch.  When we began homeschooling, I could find co-ops that offered classes, sports, etc, but not that same level of social opportunity. So I started my own group.  Here are some tips for starting a homeschool group in your area:

  1. Start a facebook page and a yahoo or Wiggio group.  This is what people search when they are looking for a homeschool group.
  2. Research the closest homeschool groups and get permission to post on their facebook page or message boards that you are intetested in forming a new group, and ask that intetested families contact you.
  3. Once you have a few interested families, set a time and place to meet.  A park or restaurant with a play area offers a chance to meet while the kids play.  
  4. Once scheduled, get the word out.  Hang a flier at the library and bookstores.  List events on facebook and your Yahoo or Wiggio message boards.
  5. At your first meeting, establish what you want the group to be and get feedback on what the other families want.  
  6. Establish a schedule–how often to meet, on which day of the week to meet.  Keep it consistent.  Our group decided to meet each Friday.
  7. Decide on activities.  In the beginning, you might stick to park days.  Our group decided on:
  • 1st Friday:   park day,  which would double as our planning meeting.  We rotated parks.
  •  2nd Friday:  planned activity (such as a parent-led science experiment or craft, lego project day, show and tell, seasonal activity such as gingerbread house decorating or Easter egg dying).  Parents would take turns planning the activity.
  • 3rd Friday: playgroup at a member’s home
  • 4th Friday:  field trip (zoo, museum, historic site, bowling, bounce house open jump)

As the group grows, divide responsibilities.  Ask for a field trip coordinator to reserch and schedule field trips, a playgroup coordinator to rotate playgroup locations, a park day coordinator to rotate park locations.  Add a student council, photography club to photograph activities, social media team.

  1. Add other activities, such as Moms Night Out, seasonal parties, enrichment classes, campouts, guest speakers–the oppoetunities are endless!

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